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Stylish display hacks with floating frames

Your wedding stationery whispers your love story with every detail, and displaying it beautifully adds a touch of magic to your celebration. But how do you showcase those smaller signs – cake menus, table numbers, drinks lists – without them getting lost in the shuffle? Enter the chic and versatile solution of floating frames!

This blog post and accompanying video dive deep into the world of floating frames, offering inspiration and practical tips to create a stunning and memorable display for your wedding signage. 

Milda & Imran


1. Styling Options: Discover creative ways to use floating frames, from minimalist elegance to vibrant colour pops.

2. Securing Your Sign: Explore different methods to securely fix your card to the glass, ensuring a flawless presentation.

3. Sign Spotlight: Learn which types of signage benefit most from this unique display.

4. Extra Touches: Uncover additional ideas to make your floating frame display truly shine.

Let's Frame the Perfection:


1. Styling Options: Floating frames come in various sizes, colours, and finishes, offering endless possibilities. Opt for a clean, minimalist look with clear frames or introduce a pop of colour with metallic or wooden options. Group multiple frames in different sizes for a dynamic arrangement, or create a cohesive display with matching frames.

2. Securing Your Sign: Here’s the key to showcasing your signs flawlessly: securing them within the frame without damaging the paper or compromising the floating illusion. Explore these methods:

Double-sided tape: Use clear, acid-free double-sided tape to adhere the top edge of your sign to the back of the frame’s inner lip.

Small adhesive dots: Place tiny adhesive dots at the corners of the sign for a less visible hold.

3. Sign Spotlight: Which signage sings in floating frames? Here are some prime contenders:

Cake Menu: Let your guests drool over dessert options in style.
Table Numbers: Add a touch of elegance and guide guests effortlessly.
Drinks Menu: Showcase your signature libations with panache.
Cards and Gifts: Elegantly display where your guests should drop their cards and gifts

4. Extra Touches:

Take your display to the next level with these finishing touches:

  • Lighting: Create a mesmerising effect by placing battery-powered fairy lights behind the frames.
  • Greenery: Arrange small sprigs of fresh herbs or flowers around the frames for a natural touch.
  • Matching Theme: Coordinate the frames’ colour and style with your overall wedding theme.
  • Add levels: Raise your signage on crates, stands for a more interesting display
  • Explore textures: Use florals, inspiring decor to accompany your signage to make for a real talking point

Ready to create a mesmerising floating frame display for your wedding signage? Watch the accompanying video for a visual guide and unleash your creativity! Remember, the possibilities are endless. With a little planning and these helpful tips, you can showcase your wedding stationery in a way that truly reflects your unique love story.

Have you used floating frames for your wedding signage? Share your ideas and photos in the comments below!

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