Wedding Invitation Trends 2020

And just like that we’re in 2020! A new decade of wedding inspiration but just what is trending? Every year wedding invitation colours, styles and tastes evolve slightly and I’m happy to share with you some of the hot trends for this year. This information is not only based on couples’ popular preferences; fashion, lifestyle and market trends are just some of the factors that prove to be a big influence on shaping the wedding industry.


It has been a great love of couples for some time now and it isn’t going anywhere, you guys really can’t get enough of those luxurious metallics. Gold and rose gold are proving to be most popular with my couples, teamed with blush and grey. Whichever way you choose to foil, digital or hot foiling, it really will add a hint of luxury to your stationery.

Let me explain a little about the differences between hot foil and digital foil. Hot foil requires a bespoke metal stamping block known as a ‘die’. Digital printing can be achieved almost instantly whereas hot foiling is a lengthier process especially in the initial stages. Personally, I believe hot foiling gives a richer finish but it is more expensive and takes longer. It must be said though, the finish on digital foiling is excellent!

Envelope Liners

The perfect way to add the wow factor to your invitations: envelope liners. Let’s face it, envelopes can be pretty boring. An envelope liner really can add that finishing touch you’re looking for; the prettiness that entices your guests to take out what’s inside. Trust me, they won’t stop talking about them. What’s great is you can make them out of pretty much anything; I made mine from wallpaper as it fits perfectly with the theme. I then incorporated the wallpaper into my on-the-day stationery by backing an A Board which doubled up as a seating plan and order of service. A slightly more economical idea if you are on a budget. Alternatively, go all out and foil your envelope liners, imagine how awesome they would look!

Perfect Peonies Wedding Invitation

Vellum Invitation

Often used for place cards and wedding stationery inserts the translucent paper vellum is set to be big in 2020. If you’re looking to add texture and visual intrigue then vellum is the material for you. Make your wedding invitations look chic by pairing vellum with metallic inks or use it to bring a modern yet soft feel to your invites. And, if like us, you’re conscious about your carbon footprint, vellum is completely recyclable ref: The Paperbox

Light as a Feather Wedding Stationery

Moody Deep Colours

We’re definitely seeing the more traditional colours of white and ecru taking a side step to make way for stronger, bolder colours. Deep greens, burgundies and blacks look fab and make a great statement for wedding stationery, sure to be remembered by all of your wedding guests. Remember not to go too dark, add a little light in the way of metallics, ink colours and contrasting insert sheets (wedding details sheet)

Velvet Passion Wedding Invitation


Hand illustrated maps are proving evermore popular; they’re a great way of adding personality to your wedding invitations. Maps are also a great way of providing good directions, allowing all of your guests to arrive stress free and on time. Add illustrations or icons of local attractions and perhaps meaningful places. If you’re planning a destination wedding, maps are great to include in your stationery, they really help your guests visualise unfamiliar areas.

Summer Haze Wedding Invitation


Soft colour palettes are always a winner with wedding invitations and the strong contender for 2020 is Blush. It’s been a popular colour choice for a while now and keeps going from strength to strength with its soft tones and ability to compliment any metallic. Opt for a trendy blush look this season by pairing it with textured papers like nettuno or fresco gesso. If you’re looking to add a sense of romance to your wedding stationery then this is the colour for you, subtle and airy blush is the epitome of love.

Moonlit Blush Wedding Invitation


Over the past few years we’ve all been made more aware of our carbon footprint and what steps we can take to improve it. “Sustainability” it’s not just a buzzword, it’s our planet, our home, our legacy. There are many options and choices that can be made when considering your wedding stationery. Bring wedding invitations to the digital age and create a wedding website, house all of your information in one place with no paper trail. PS Weddings offer bespoke wedding websites, they don’t have to be boring and it may just work out cheaper.

Alternatively why not send a digital invite via email. Wedding guests can instantly RSVP and all information can be provided in a single email, stored forever and never to be lost. If you find emails too restrictive creatively, there’s also the option of creating a PDF invitation and attaching it to an email, this could look like just like any paper wedding invite design.

If you’re not quite ready to give up the paper stationery just yet but still want to be kind to the environment, why not opt for recycled and recyclable card. PS Weddings now offer this as an option on all of our designs.

Cotton Leaf Wedding Invitation

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